What We Believe


What parents and students should expect in our classrooms:


  • Using the International Primary Curriculum as a framework, we believe learning should be exciting, active and meaningful. 
  • All students benefit from a rigorous, college prep curriculum at the secondary level, regardless of their post-secondary aspirations.  College and career preparation activities are critical elements in all classroom lessons. 
  • Teachers should use learning targets that communicate academic standards in student-friendly language and drive instruction, keeping the focus on key skills. 
  • Grades and teacher feedback should be easy to understand and should help students understand their strengths and weaknesses relative to expected outcomes. 
  • Daily lessons should focus on problem solving, critical thinking, and reasoning.   A balance of investigation, guided work, and directed activities build content knowledge, encourage exploration, collaboration, and lead to mastery.   
  • The brain is constantly seeking patterns.  Students need an orderly and predictable learning environment, where expectations are clearly communicated, allowing students to understand these patterns in meaningful ways. 
  • Positive relationships optimize student learning and foster character and trust.  Students should learn in communities committed to mutual respect, and where parents and teachers communicate and connect frequently.
  • Goal setting is important and all students need to be encouraged to take risks.  Students should learn as much from failures, as they do success.   Having the confidence to tackle increasingly difficult work is important in school and in life. 
  • Engagement in activities that build self-worth and purpose, are as important as academic achievement.  Students should expect to be pushed to take pride in good work.

Christel House Academy leadership believes:

  • Our aim is not to sort students-- it is to transform them into more intelligent, poised and thoughtful individuals.   We’ve not succeeded unless we are producing graduates who are employable, good neighbors, active and concerned citizens, and who seek to establish positive family relationships. 
  • Building aspirations and dreams is the fuel for success.  Dreaming about the future, drives passion and purpose.   Without passion and purpose, students cannot live a fulfilled life. 
  • Teaching is not an act of labor.  Teaching is a professional endeavor and the work requires dedication, skill and commitment.    For professional teachers to excel, a school needs to invest in their development.  Our teachers are the most important investment the school will make for our students.   
  • A school without the arts and extracurricular opportunities is dull and will lead to boredom.  Engagement beyond academics is an expectation and something that should be done with purpose and commitment. 
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